Thermally-conductive resin

Thermally-conductive resin

OHARA Jushi Kogyo co., ltd.

For years, we have been working on research and development of unique molding and mold technologies, while mass-producing precisive molded products with the use of highly functional resins such as PPS, PA, and MIM.

As a result, we have established the technology that 「stabilizes mass production of high performance resins」and, since 2013, have been analyzing stable molding for mass production of precision parts using a new material (= thermally-conductive resin).

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Please feel free to contact us if you are facing difficulties in mass production molding of thermally-conductive resins.

熱伝導性樹脂画像.jpgThermally-conductive resin molded products
*Molded products in the picture
Base resin:Nylon
Thermal conductivity:8W/m.k
UL combustibility:V-0
Electrical property:1E+13