Stabilization technology for mass production of quality products

Injection Moldings

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For over half a century since 1950, our molding technologies have been accumulating experience and clearing high customer demands.

Approximately 65 to 70 tons of various engineering plastic materials, mainly PA6, PA66, POM, PBT, PPS, and LCP, are used very month.

In order to meet a wide range of requests from customers, we have approximately 120 horizontal and vertical molding machines from 10 to 280 tons made by various manufacturers.

Most of our products are used in areas of precision function parts for cars (inside engines, accelerators, brakes, around fuel system, etc.), where quality, performance, and dimension requirements are strict with high safety standards.

As of 2013, we are working on the "stabilization technology for mass production of quality products" and "highly-functional resins" based on the mold/molding technologies accumulated thus far.

"Stabilization technology for mass production of quality products" means:
・Quality products = Good quality products as per drawings at the initial stage
・Mass production = A long period of time until the end of product life cycle
(The life cycles for some of our products are 30 to 40 years
・Stabilization = Maintaining a condition that remains unaffected by anything
This is the unique "Ohara resin" technology that selects, maintains, controls, and improves specifications and designs to achieve the above.With this technology as a competitive edge, we are also working on the "stabilization technology for mass production of quality products" of highly-functional resins in order to win the world easily by 'Made in Japan' and create higher added values.

Main products

○Thin wall (0.3mm) products, products with level difference (0.03mm or less), etc. ○Small, light parts
○Nylon, SUS mesh, and insert parts of metal fittings
○Cases and cover parts made of PPS materials (150mm square)
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Latest technologies

From temperature/moisture control to moisture regain control of raw materials in the factory, we are working on the unique "stabilization technology for mass production of quality products," while fitting the raw materials with the geometry of the products, combining mold steel and coating technology, incorporating temperature control and gas vent into mold design, modifying facilities originally to stabilize molding condition, adopting thermal analysis by thermographic camera, and aiming to mold quality products stably for a long period of time in mass production.

R5018690.JPGHottank(Storage facilities of raw materials)Hottank83f815B835E.jpgTransition graph of moisture regain of raw materials inside Hottank (Green)
Hottank® is indispensable in the initial stages of stabilizing mass production of quality products.
This is our original facility that stores water-absorbing resins, such as PA resins, without being affected by surroundings.
This facility can mold PA resins undried, which is not only energy and electricity saving but can also eliminate molding failure caused by fluctuation of moisture regain during mass production molding.

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