Metal Injection Moldings

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MIM=「Metal Injection Moldings」

Following conventional metallic part manufacturing methods (machining, die-cast, powder metallurgy, and precision casting), MIM is a processing method, where the plastic injection molding technology and the sintering technology of metallic powder are integrated.
We have more than 10 years of experience in mass production and achievements in automobile parts and medical parts.

MIMMIM parts

→MIM is most suitable for small, precision parts with complex geometries and
  provides more freedom for geometry design than ever before.
  ○The more complex the geometries, and the more difficult the cutting process,
    the higher the cost effectiveness becomes
  ○Complex geometries, such as small, fine, thin and sharp edges, and irregular
    holes, can be transformed into real shapes at your disposition.
   (The current record shows dimension accuracy of ±0.03mm up to nominal
    dimension of 10mm.)
   (The thinnest that we have achieved is 0.3mm.

89E6919C20084.jpgMIM: 0.3mm thin wall

→Mechanical properties are excellent.
  ○High density and high strength have been realized.

→Suitable for mass production.
  ○Fabrication can be carried out in the same way as conventional plastic molding.

Manufacturing process
  ①Exclusive materials
   (Metallic powder is kneaded into resins. Examples of actual use are SUS/iron.)
  ②As with resins, molds are used, and the same injection machine is used for
  ③Degreasing process (Only a small amount of resins are left inside the molding
   body while most of the remains are blown away.)
  ④Sintering process (Resin remaining in the degreased body is completely blown
    away, and metallic parts are completed.)

Please contact us if you have geometries difficult to make in the conventional manufacturing method of metallic parts or have given up making such parts due to high cutting cost.
Please feel free to contact us if you have technical questions.

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