OHARA Jushi Kogyo co,. ltd.

Ohara Jushi Kogyo started molding processing of plastics in 1950, has built up various experiences and technologies along with the history of advancement in plastics, and has established the present foundation with our customers, affiliates, and manufacturers.

At present, we specialize in "precision parts" and produce industrial parts, mainly automobile functional parts, using engineering plastics. Every day, all employees strive together to attain higher quality and technologies for product making.

In near future, we will establish an Ohara style so that we can stay on the top of a new era to come, combining expertise, experience, technologies, skills, and flexible sensitivity acquired up to now to reach a further height of manufacturing.

Furthermore, we would always like to continue growing in order to produce what the world desires and be a company that the world needs.

Ohara Jushi Kogyo Co., Ltd., CEO
Ohara Plastics Vietnam, Chairman
Yoshinori Ohara

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