Corporate history

Corporate history

OHARA Jushi Kogyo co.,ltd.

1947 03 Founder: Toshio OHARA
1947 03 Foundation of privately-owned, independent company of automobile painting in Kariya-shi
1950 05 Set-up of plastic division in Showa-ku, Nagoya-shi
1954 05 Establishment of Ohara Kogeisha Co., Ltd.
1962 05 Termination of automobile painting business in order to expand and concentrate on the plastic molding division

1962 06 Adoption by Toyota Motor Corporation of "wiper bearing" made of POM under development
1964 05 Name changed to Ohara Jushi Kogyo Co., Ltd.
1968 02 Introduction of extruder, prototype of "antenna cable" made of POM
1969 12 Launch of the main factory in Minato-ku, Nagoya-shi

1976 02 Prototype of exhaust parts made of PPS resins requested by Nippondenso Co., Ltd.
1978 03 Adoption of hot-runner system to PPS molds

1980 10 Awarded by the governor of Aichi-ken as a company for excellence in streamlining small and medium enterprises in Aichi-ken
1981 12 Launch of Toyoshiro mold factory in Minami-ku, Nagoya-shi
1986 12 Launch of Obu No.1 factory in Yokone-machi, Obu-shi
1988 06 Launch of Obu No.2 factory in Kitasaki-machi, Obu-shi

1990 04 Founder Toshio OHARA became the chairman, and Masao OHARA became CEO.
1992 04 Exchange Plaza Aichi: Commencement of research of MIM technology at MIM workshop
1993 06 Completion of MIM prototype
1994 03 Awarded by the Director-General of the Small and Medium Sized Enterprise Agency as a company for excellence in streamlining
1995 07 Commencement of mass production of medical equipment parts with MIM technology
1996 03 Full-scale start of MIM technology
1997 09 Awarded by the Minister of Labour at the convention for promoting employment of the handicapped
1998 07 Launch of Kasadera factory in Minami-ku, Nagoya-shi
1998 10 Visit of the Minister of State for Economic Planning (Mr. Taichi SAKAIYA) to inspect business conditions of small and medium sized enterprises

2000 03 Acquisition of ISO9002 certification
2000 09 Commencement of mass production of automobile parts with MIM technology
2002 04 CEO Masao OHARA received the sixth grade medal of the Rising Sun of Silver Rays.

  • 06 Acquisition of ISO14001 certification (JQA-EM2431)
  • 08 Acquisition of permission to establish a company in Vietnam

2003 04 Revision of ISO9001 (Fiscal year 2000 edition) (JQA-QM4527)
2003 07 Launch of Ohara Plastics Vietnam (O.P.V.) in Hanoi, Vietnam
2004 08 Relocation of Obu No.2 factory to the east side of the main factory, and launch of the main east factory
2006 01 Certified by the governor of Aichi-ken as an Aichi Quality Company in fiscal year 2005 (No. 233)
2006 10 Acquisition of ISO9001 certification (No.: 01 100 065450) at O.P.V.
2007 10 Acquisition of ISO14001 certification (No.: 01 104 065450) at O.P.V.

2010 02 Closure of Kasadera factory due to Lehman crisis
2011 09 Commencement of molding nylon resins undried with the introduction of "Hottank®"
2012 05 Launch of new annex factory of O.P.V.

  • 08 Renovation and relaunch of old No.1 factory of O.P.V.
  • 09 Certified in corporate and philosophy parts by General Incorporated Association, Value Prize
  • 10 Commencement of new style coalition in manufacturing business

2013 01 Establishment of molding technology of thermally-conductive resins for mass production

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